Youth football team can finish out season almost derailed by adults' fight

Posted at 10:33 PM, Oct 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-20 23:12:20-04

It looked like a fight between adults would leave hundreds of children unable to take part in the last football games of their season. It led to a heated meeting Friday night in Woodhaven. 

As for what started all this, Woodhaven Warriors Coaches told parents that after a game ended parents from the other team spit on them, and called a coach the N word. It got heated.

The Downriver Football league heard complaints from the other team that the president of the Warriors yelled at children and suspended the Woodhaven Warriors President.

Many parents believe he was treated unfairly. 

“No disciplinary action should have been taken at all because he didn’t do anything,” said Ahkym Nundley, who says he saw the argument. 

Still Nundley and many other parents wanted to see their children finish out the season.  They feared that wouldn’t happen because the president had tried to pull the team out of the Downriver Football League In response to the discipline. 

“Our kids work very hard,” said Tiffany Moss, mom.

“I cried,” said Tiffany Moss. 

The president of the Warriors, Ed Phillips, heard their complaints during the meeting. 

He said he would step aside, coaches could go to the games, and children could play out their season.  He is hoping a long term resolution can be found when it comes to the discipline he was given. 

Many parents voiced relief, but still are concerned that the league may or may not allow their children to play in the play-offs.  They hope everything is done in the best interest of the children moving forward.