Republican Rep. Dave Trott addresses healthcare, Trump to hostile crowd

Posted at 8:54 AM, Mar 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-18 19:10:35-04

Rep. Dave Trott (R - 11th district) spoke to a hostile crowd in Novi on Saturday morning during a public town hall meeting. The second term congressman from Birmingham is holding the town hall after months of requests for him to speak with the public.

Many people were angry, chanting and asking multiple questions dealing with the Affordable Care Act, the American Healthcare Act, border security and more issues.

One woman who spoke to 7 Action News after the event said it was nice to hear from Trott and see him in person, saying he usually tells people to come to Washington.

She said she was not very satisfied with the answers, especially when it came to healthcare.

"I think that the whole thing was mishandled from start to finish," another person at the event said. He said they only had speakers set up in the lobby of the area for people who couldn't get inside the event, but not for people who couldn't get inside the lobby.

Others were upset with the format of the town hall, where people wrote down questions on a piece of paper that were then put in a lottery-style spinning machine and picked at random.

About 450 people were allowed inside the hall in Novi with hundreds more outside. He spoke for about an hour.