Restaurant business booming in Detroit, expansions planned

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 18:25:20-05

Kitchens in Detroit restaurants are abuzz.

The city is attracting foodies.

We've reported that the National Geographic named Detroit one of the most unexpected cities in the world for food lovers.

Now we're learning, business has been booming for Supino's pizzeria, and they are expanding their space.

David Mancini owns Supino's and next door La Rondinella.

He is combining the space to give Supino's customers a place to sit down and enjoy their delicious pizza with a glass of wine or beer.

"Dining space for the pizzeria which is pretty crowded right now and hopefully we will have more comfortable space for people to get their food sit down and eat especially on these busy fridays and Saturdays."

Over in downtown Detroit -- the Foundation Hotel is on its way to a Spring opening.

Word is: award winning chef Thomas Lents is leaving Chicago to open up a restaurant in the hotel.

"When you hear a two-Michelin star chef is coming hear that's awesome news. I welcome all of it."

David says restaurant owners in Detroit are very supportive of each other and he hopes diner will come to the city to try out eateries that have been around a while or the ones that just started popping up.

"I hope people not only look at some of these places that are getting a lot of recognition now and even national recognition but also the places that have been here."

La Rondinella will stay open until Sunday.

After that they will close it to expand Supino's space and then reopen it in the beginning of February.