New trouble for foul mouth squatter

Posted at 10:53 PM, Apr 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-13 23:31:04-04

A foul mouth mom accused of squatting and utility theft sells a sob story to an honest landlord, and now he is out thousands of dollars.

The Detroit property owner didn’t want to share his name, but he was willing to tell his story after falling victim to Tonya Houston. 

The man tells 7 Action News a few months ago Houston contacted him regarding his rental property. The 40-year-old mom and her kids were about to be homeless and were desperate for a place to live. 

Houston told him she was a good tenant, very clean and responsible. Having a good heart, the owner rented Houston the house. A few months later, she stopped paying rent and she was told to move out. 

Getting Houston and her crew to leave was only part of the problem. Once they were out, the homeowner discovered the utilities on illegally and the house in shambles. Every room had some type of damage, including holes in the walls and pipes missing. 

It was a devastating discovery for the man who purchased the home as an investment and put a lot of time and money into fixing it up. 

Houston is already in legal trouble, charged with utility theft and squatting at a house on Eastburn Street.That case is still working its way thru the court system. 

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s office offered Houston a plea deal, dropping the felony charge, which could result in Houston avoiding jail time.

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