Working to get firefighter healthcare funded

Posted at 6:27 PM, Mar 01, 2016

They signed up to battle flames, but now Michigan firefighters are in a fight to save their lives.

It’s a fight they thought they already won, but say our elected leaders have left them with broken promises.

After years of debate, in 2014, Michigan lawmakers finally passed the First Responder Presumed Coverage Reimbursement Fund to help firefighters with treatment if they were to get certain cancers. 

In 2015, Governor Snyder supported it with his signature and it became law. Prior to the law being signed, cancer was not treated as a work related injury, and coverage for treatment lacked. 

Months later, the fund sits empty. No money has ever been allocated, and firefighters are dying.

7 Action News has joined the fight to help our heroes. State Senator Curtis Hertel introduced a measure in Lansing Tuesday to direct money to the fund. His fellow Democrats are on board. 

Sources tell 7 Action News the problem lies with the Republican party. Ronnie Dahl hit the halls of the capitol building to drum up support.

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