Shelby Twp. girl got 'massive concussion' breaking up fight in school

Posted at 10:53 PM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 14:30:52-04

James Bejin is concerned for his daughter's safety, after she suffered what he described as a "major concussion" in the classroom Thursday. His 11-year-old daughter got up while two boys started to fight at Morgan Elementary School in Shelby Township.

One of the boys tossed her into a chalkboard, thinking she was interfering in the argument.

So he says you can imagine the look on his daughter's face when she arrived at school this morning to get homework, and saw the student was in school.

Bejin tells Action News she immediately called him, scared by the sight of the boy. He claims it wasn't until he and mom called the school all upset, that the boy was sent home.

The district released a statement saying, "Utica Schools is aware of the issue. It's working with the families. Everybody involved has a due process right. The incident is currently being investigated."

The district went on to say it would be inappropriate to comment on the status of the student moving forward.

Bejin acknowledged administrators are doing a good job for the most part, but believe failed on this incident. He would like to see the student get evaluated before he's allowed back to school. Bejin also claims police are now investigating this case.