Man shot, killed at Dearborn Heights PD

Posted at 9:02 AM, Dec 17, 2015

Multiple police agencies were on the scene following a shooting at the Dearborn Heights Police Department on Thursday. 

Dearborn Heights Mayor Daniel S. Paletko tells 7 Action News that a man was walking through security and lunged at the guard with a knife in the lobby. The guard then shot and killed the man. 

The man has been identified as 48-year-old Mark David Henning from Dearborn Heights.

Jamal Collins tells 7 Action News he was walking through the metal detector right behind the man who was shot and killed. Collins says the man had a steak knife in his back pocket.

He also says the man acted crazy and that the guard asked him to stop. Collins says that's when the man pulled the knife and held it in a threatening manner.  

Collins says the man never said anything and, when the officer told him to drop the knife, he lunged at the officer. That's when Collins says the officer shot the man once in the chest.

Collins says that despite being hit, the man did not flinch. Officers then ordered him to drop the knife again, and when he continued forward, the man was shot 5 times.

Collins tells 7 Action News the he though he was going to get shot as 5 or 6 other officers raced into the lobby. However, he was able to get behind an officer.

Collins says the man's brother was with him, crying and screaming that he did not expect it the happen. He also said that his brother was on cocaine. 

Another witness tells 7 Action News around 8:45 a.m., police raced up from multiple directions with their guns drawn and ran inside.

We're told the scene has been secured and that court will be closed for the day.