Southfield animal shelter closing looking to find home for 7 dogs

Posted at 2:16 PM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 14:16:50-05

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) — Almost Home Animal Shelter is asking for help finding homes for 7 dogs by the end of Wednesday night as the shelter is closing.

In a post on Facebook, the shelter said they are looking to find a foster or forever home, as they need to be out of the current building by Friday. According to Almost Home, the dogs need to be out, functionally, by Wednesday night.

"We are networking with trainers to help make them more adaptable to your home, but please remember, they are still rescues who will need time to adjust, learn, and can flourish with a little training help from Loyal K-9."

Details on each dog are below. If you want to fill out an application, click here.

NILES: Generally, a sweet boy! Potential to do well with other dogs with training/proper introductions. Can be skeptical of some males. Has some training, needs more and consistency. Simply needs some brushing up on training skills. Will flourish in a home.

LACEY: Very sweet and most successful with confident handlers. Needs food aggression training, so no kids,

DILLON: Has been a very nice boy while living at the shelter. Uncomfortable around other dogs (not used to it). Would need consistent/continued socialization training. No cats, No kids

ZENA: Knows commands, walks well, does well when training with people. She does great at her training sessions. She can be skeptical of new people. Very sweet once she knows you. Has been working in dog socialization at training. Currently doing well around other dogs in controlled situations at training.

ONYX: Recovering nicely from a former abusive life. Her fur is growing in nicely, and she has been doing so well at training and could acclimate to other dogs with continued training. She is very playful with other dogs. Trying to get her out of the habit of play nipping. No kids. Good with cats. (Has a meet and greet scheduled for 11/27)

FERGIE (Rottweiler, not pictured but can be found in our website): CURRENTLY IN BOARD AND TRAIN WITH LOYAL K-9.

CHAMP: rescued off the streets, living in abandoned house, skin and bones. Only 7 months old, 40 lbs, receiving treatment for heartworm, potential to do well with other dogs with proper introductions. He's so young, he could be easily trained, no cats, no kids. Sometimes he growls when he doesn't k ow you, but go slow, and he's a sweetie pie once he knows you aren't going to pull any fast moves on him.

CHARLIE: Has been in a home board and train program with Loyal K-9 for a few weeks. He is an angel with the trainers in their homes around their families and dogs. However, Charlie will regress in a home with humans who do not understand dog behavioral training and who have weak boundaries. He will look to step all over you, if you let him. He has a history of resource guarding with food. The trainers have made him successful with that, even eating around other dogs, but as soon as he got into a home with adopters, he regressed. Must follow the program to a 'T' with this boy.

BUSTER: Hoping to get him into a board and train with Loyal K-9. He did fantastic at his first few training sessions. Can be stubborn. Does well around other dogs his size, but has jealous tendencies when living in a home with another dog.