Substitute teacher shines at local school

Posted at 2:42 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 14:43:32-05

He's a substitute teacher who has made a permanent impact. 

Students at Stoney Creek High School say Doug Miller has positively influenced their lives. 

"It’s something very special and it’s something in 20 years I have never seen to the level we’ve seen with Mr. Miller," said Dr. Cathryn Skedell, principal at Stoney Creek High School. 

Hugs and laughs are not so typical from a classroom led by a substitute teacher. 

"All of us just feel connected to him not just as a teacher but as a mentor and we wanted to give back to him," said student Megan Davis.

Davis and her classmates started a GoFundMe for their favorite teacher--and before they knew it, the donations were rolling in. 

Mr. Miller would love to work as their teacher full time, but that’s not an option.

"I was born with a disability, it’s a rare spinal disorder and I cannot move my head at all and because of that I cannot stand up straight and I have debilitating arthritis," said Miller.

So, he works the days he can-- and the school graciously welcomes him.

This schedule has allowed him to substitute teach the senior class throughout the years--many since first grade.

"I know their ins and outs, I know their abilities-- what makes them tick. They’ve embraced me on a level as a substitute teacher I never thought I could have with students," said Miller.