Survey reports salary is top reason employees leave jobs

Posted at 5:56 AM, Jan 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-11 05:57:14-05

Salary is the top reason employees switch jobs, according to a new survey from job and recruiting website Glassdoor.

The company says it surveyed 750 hiring decision makers in the United States and United Kingdom to collect the data. 

According to that data, Glassdoor reports that nearly half of those surveyed cite money as the top reason followed by career opportunities, benefits and location. The study also revealed that 35 percent of those hiring decision makers anticipate more employees to quit over the course of the year.

The company points out that job postings, for the most part, fail to include salary information. 

“Pay can be a big motivator for employees to take a job, however, very few job listings actually include pay information, even if this is overwhelmingly what job seekers want. If candidates were better informed about how their pay and career could progress during the initial job search and recruiting process, they would be less likely to take a job that turns out to be a bad fit,” said Carmel Galvin, Chief Human Resources Officer at Glassdoor, in a news release.