Suspect steals bike, rummages through cars before pooping on Chesterfield Township resident's lawn

Posted at 10:39 PM, Sep 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 08:22:53-04

One thief left an unusual parting gift after stealing a bike from a Chesterfield Township home. 

“We call him the poopy bandit," said Donnie Grace, a resident. "I hope he doesn’t come and hit my driveway now.”

On Saturday, Donnie Grace’s neighbor asked him to check his home surveillance system after his neighbor suspected his son's bike was stolen. When Donnie and his neighbor checked the video, they said the man took the bike, rummaged through the neighbor's parked car, and defecate on his neighbor's lawn. 

“When we saw him doing something by the trash cans, that’s when we kind of took a little further investigation and realized what he had done,” Grace said. 

After the thief did his business, he proceeded to go onto Grace’s property and look through his wife's car. 

“There was a lot of Lysol bleach wipes and everything throughout the car to make sure that there was no remnants of anything just in case,” Grace said. 

A police report was filed, Grace added. The Chesterfield Township Police Department then took to their Facebook page to tell people there had been several larcenies from cars reported over the weekend, and reminded people to lock their doors. 

If you think you know the man in the video, call the Chesterfield Township Police Department 586-949-2322.