Swing batter, batter! Sensor, app aim to help you improve your bat skills

Posted: 11:25 AM, Jul 08, 2016
Updated: 2016-07-08 11:46:04-04

Summer means great weather for playing baseball, tennis or rounds of golf with your buddies.

There are a number of gadgets on the market to help us with our athletic ability from fitness trackers to sensors that can analyze our swings.

For baseball, some of the popular tech helpers include the Easton Power Sensor, the SwingTracker from Diamond Kinetics and the Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer.

I had a chance to give the Zepp a whirl, and Verizon representative Cameron Hutcherson joined us in studio to talk about how a sensor like Zepp and its accompanying app can help improve your performance. 

The app breaks down the detail of your swing from "attack angle" to "bat speed impact." The 3D swing analysis lets you check out your form in different angles. 

There's also smart coaching, and swing evaluation/comparison features within the app. 

While the sensor can be cumbersome to get on the bat, it definitely stays put. One additional thing to note: the sensor and app won't analyze dry swings, you actually have to hit the ball.

Watch the full interview in the video player above.