The threat of flooding returns

Flood Potential ECMWF 9Km - Mike.png
Posted at 11:29 PM, Jul 10, 2021

Here we go again with a string of days with heavy rain possible. Since the ground is already saturated in most areas of Metro Detroit the likelihood of flooding is higher than usual. Look for things to get started Sunday morning and linger for much of the day.

Tonights Lows Precip - Mike.png
Rain returns

Rainfall amounts will be enough to cause some standing water around town. If multiple storms form and move over the same general area, flooding will be likely since the atmosphere will be loaded with moisture. ↓Notice↓ how our flood threat stays high (the yellowish colors over Detroit) for several days into next week.

Flooding threat

With so much moisture in the atmosphere the set-up will provide multiple chances of rain and storms for the week.

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Multiple days of rain

Detroit weather 7-day forecast
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