Thieves target teachers' cars as school year starts in Detroit

Posted at 6:01 PM, Sep 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-11 18:01:47-04

The Detroit Public Schools Community District is teaming up with Detroit Police to catch the thieves targeting teachers.

Police are investigating vehicle break-ins that happened at Bates Academy on Wyoming, Palmer Park Academy on Margareta and the Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School on West Outer Drive.

“When they park their car, they want that location to be secure,” said Ivy Bailey, Detroit Federation of Teachers.

Bailey says teachers want a plan put in place to keep teachers and their vehicles safe.  At some schools, gates are left open during the school day.  Teachers ask if that should change.

“No one wants to come to the parking lot and see their car broken into. Then you have to pay the $500 deductible,” said Bailey.

 Detroit Police and the Detroit Public Schools Community District Police will be increasing patrols and looking into how to make schools safer.

“Due to the targeted nature of the crime, the DPSCD Police Department is coordinating our investigative efforts with the Detroit Police Department Commercial Auto Theft Section (CATS). We are coordinating increased patrols around Palmer Park, FLICS and Bates Academy in conjunction with the 12th precinct based on the data we have analyzed. Lastly, we are assessing the specific parking areas for staff at said schools to ascertain if security infrastructure is in place to mitigate theft risks,” said the Detroit Public Schools Community District in a statement.

The district also offered the following tips:

  1. Always roll up windows and ensure that the vehicle doors are locked and trunks secure
  2. Never leave valuables in plain view in the vehicle
  3. Park in busy, well-lit areas
  4. Carry registration and pertinent vehicle on your person; don't leave personal identifying information in your vehicle
  5. Ensure vehicle wheel locks are installed
  6. If equipped with an audible or passive alarm; ensure that it is armed
  7. If owner has a mechanical anti-theft device (i.e. "clubs, collars or J-bars) ensure that they are deployed accordingly