Tips for taking the best selfie on National Selfie Day

Posted at 4:58 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-21 16:58:57-04

Whip out those cameras, it is National Selfie Day!

Platinum Imagery Portrait Studio photographer, Melissa Tremblay, in Birmingham knows how to capture the right shot.

Tip #1: Find the Light
"Make sure you are always facing towards the light so that your phone isn't back-lighting you. Your image might turn a little too dark.

Tip #2: Shoot Down
"Make sure that you raise the level of your camera so that it gives you a good jawline and it slims out your face a little bit."

Tip #3: Stop the Shadows
"I would take a selfie in a little bit of shade kind of out of the sunlight so it's not direct and you are not getting shadow in your eye area."

Tip #4: Know Your Angles
"Sometimes there is a better side. A little better jaw line."

We ask some folks when is it a good time to take a selfie.

Selfie taker Crystal Kaminski said, "You're with your friends or at a nice place on vacation."

Many take pictures with a cool background or landmark.

"They are like 'uh my arm is not long enough so here you take it," friends tell Ofir Gal to take pictures because he has long arms and that can help take a good picture. "I got the angles," Gal said.