To roundabout or to 4-way stop? That's the question for one community

Posted at 3:59 PM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-27 17:13:47-04

There is an intersection in Oakland Township that's being studied, as officials figure out what is needed there to control the traffic.

Oakland County officials say it's best to put in a roundabout at the intersection of Adams and Gunn roads.

Driver Josh Otero said, "It's really congested, especially around 5 or 6 o'clock, it's like a 20 minute ordeal."

That's one of the problems drivers say is an everyday occurrence at Adams and Gunn roads in Oakland Township.

County officials tell us they installed a four-way stop last July after 10 accidents took place within a year.

Those crashes led to 11 injuries. But drivers say the four-way stop isn't being treated as such.

Georgiann Antonelli lives near the intersection and said many people don't come to a complete stop. "They pause on the brakes and then they go straight through. It's almost like a yield versus a full stop."

Our cameras were on for less than 10 minutes when we caught several drivers rolling through the intersection.

"I would like a stoplight, a full light. I think that would be a better bet for that intersection," Antonelli added.

County officials tell us there have been only five accidents since the four-way stop has been installed and now are suggesting putting in a roundabout.

"If people pay attention and follow the rules, then I think it will be smoothed," said driver Pat Kienzle. "Maybe if they are not comfortable or can't use them, they will take another route."

Most drivers we spoke with say they know how to properly navigate through one.

Otero explained,"I just slow down. I just make sure there is no one coming from any way and if it's clear, I just go. It's pretty easy."

Now, it's up to township officials to decide if they want to put in a roundabout.