Transportation Security Administration to test out new airport security technology

Posted at 8:39 AM, Jul 06, 2016

The Transportation Security Administration plans to start testing out some new technology at airports around the U.S., according to a recent announcement.

The organization has teamed up with American Airlines for the trials.

There are a couple different things that will be evaluated. First, new automated screening lanes will be rolled out at a handful of airports starting this fall. Those airports include O'Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Miami.

These new and improved lanes will include automated belts to pull bags into the X-ray machines, and direct flagged bags to another area so the bins behind can continue through.

Bins would also be equipped with Radio Frequency Identification tags to help with additional tracking of the items.

These improvements, among others, are expected to reduce the time passengers spend in security lines by 30 percent, according to the TSA.

Phoenix, at some point this year, will see a pilot program with computer tomography or CT technology. These CT scanners will be used at a security checkpoint at the airport.

That means more automation, less physical checks of your bag.

The TSA notes CT scanning is already in place for checked baggage, but applying the 3D technology to carry on bags would possibly allow passengers to leave liquids, gels even laptops in their bags as they move through the checkpoint. 

If these trials and tests prove successful, we could see this technology rolling out to more airports across the country. 

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