Trike stolen from Southgate woman who is disabled

Posted at 4:20 PM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 17:40:20-04

Catherine Luttermoser, of Southgate, who has been disabled since the age of 14, is looking for the person who stole her trike. 

Luttermoser says she noticed the bike was missing Wednesday morning and found the bike chain cut off. 

“I don’t understand you know it's not like they couldn’t have known that I was disabled, I’ve got a ramp on the front of my house,” said Luttermoser. 

Luttermoser has been disabled since she was 14-years-old from a virus that attacked her immune system. She has some movement in her legs, but not enough to walk on her own. 

Her van is currently broken and with her trike stolen, she now has to depend on her wheelchair as her only means of transportation. 

“I mean I can roll to the store but it takes forever, and I’m totally exhausted,” said Luttermoser. 

She has this message to whoever took her trike: 

“I would appreciate it if they would just bring it back if it just showed back up I wouldn’t have questions. I would hope that they would just in the middle of the night just drop it back off,” said Luttermoser. 

If you have any information on who could have stolen the trike, call Southgate Police at (734) 258-3060.