Troy police officer cleared in deadly shooting that killed 23-year-old man

Posted at 4:16 PM, Jun 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 17:21:19-04

A Troy police officer who shot and killed a 23-year-old man in April has been cleared, according to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office Special Investigations Unit.

The SIU handled the investigation related to the shooting on April 9 that killed Robert Issa.

According to the sheriff's office, Troy police were dispatched to a home on Saddle Brook around 7:23 a.m. after a caller reported that his brother, Issa, was having a bipolar episode and not taking his medication. The caller said Issa also believed President Trump was coming to get him and that he was armed with two knives.

According to the sheriff's office, Troy police had been dispatched to the home several times before.

When officers arrived, they found Issa outside the home and ordered him to drop the knives. They even tasered Issa but it was not effective in stopping him.

The investigations unit said that Issa began charging at the officer, and the officer opened fire, shooting him five times. Aid was rendered immediately but Issa eventually died.

After their investigation, the SIU sent its findings to the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office who declined to press charges, saying that the shooting was a lawful use of force.

“We are grateful to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office for their thorough and professional investigation in this matter,” said Troy Police Chief Gary Mayer. “The loss of life is tragic and has certainly had a profound impact on  the family, our department, and our community. We would like to thank the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office for providing an avenue to a fair and impartial investigation consistent with our core values. With this announcement, our department takes a step forward in this somber process and we pledge to continue to provide the high-level of police service the community expects and deserves.”