Troy residents look to block high rise development

Posted at 9:22 PM, Apr 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-10 22:50:44-04

As a mother of five, Marianna Perekis says the idea of more traffic on this narrow suburban street is terrifying.

There's no sidewalk on her street and her kids walk to school every day.

But she may think twice about allowing them to do that if a proposed project in her neighborhood gets the green light.

The development -- put forward by Tollbrook LLC -- is a five story, 140 unit apartment building on McClure drive just off of the Big Beaver corridor. The building would sit opposite multiple single family homes and would be just a half mile from a school.  

In addition to the safety of children in school zone, residents worry about what this construction will mean for their property values.

But the Mayor of Troy says the development could be good for the city as it seeks to attract more business and create more walkability. He supports the project, and he said if it went through, he'd make sure the community for residents is protected for what it was intended to be.  

However, the proposal was stopped at the City Council meeting by a 3-4 vote.

City council members met to discuss the proposal Monday night, followed by the vote. They'll also had the chance to hear from residents who oppose the plan along with the developer himself.