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U-M researchers create helpful tool for Flint residents during ongoing water crisis

Posted at 8:11 AM, Dec 09, 2016
and last updated 2021-01-14 15:59:16-05

University of Michigan researchers have developed a new app aimed at helping Flint residents during the ongoing water crisis in the city.

The tool is called MyWater-Flint and it was created by a U of M team compiled from researchers on the Ann Arbor and Flint campuses. The university announced its availability in a news release on Thursday.

MyWater-Flint is available as an Android app and on the internet at

The interactive guide has a number of different features. 


First, it can help people pinpoint homes with a greater risk for lead - and also show where lead has been found in city water.

In terms of infrastructure, there's also a way to see where pipes have been replaced and where service lines are currently getting worked on.

Researchers say the app is full of helpful information. There's a map of water distribution centers and there's even a section explaining how to go about testing your water.

"We've developed an essential resource," said Jake Abernethy, assistant professor of computer science and engineering at UM-Ann Arbor, in a statement. "It's an independent platform that gives people information they need and want to know as they navigate this complex situation. There's no playbook for it."