Vespa pop-up dealer opens in Detroit's Fisher Building

Posted at 5:00 PM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 17:00:37-04

The Peacock Room and Joe Ricci Auto Group have partnered to open a Vespa pop-up shop inside the Fisher Building in New Center Detroit.

Peacock Room owner Rachel Lutz has cruised through Detroit on her Vespa for more than five years, and she had the idea for a pop-up after the attention and questions she gets.

Lutz went to Joe Ricci Automotive Group, which is metro Detroit's exclusive Vespa dealer, to create the pop-up location.

It opens on Thursday in conjunction with the Design Core Detroit's Drinks X Design event. The dealer will display a variety of models in the lobby of the Fisher Building arcade and use The Peacock Room as its showroom.

Plus, people can get basic Vespa information and sign up for test drives with a $10 donation to the Michigan Humane Society.

“Not only is my Vespa a mode of transportation, I consider it a fashion accessory and a sense of empowerment,” Lutz said in a press release. “There is nothing like experiencing the city on two wheels.  Riding a Vespa provides a completely different perspective of the culture and design of the city and I don’t mind getting catcalls from other women telling me to ‘go girl.'"

The average Vespa retail price is about $5,400 and includes delivery and a helmet. The average fuel economy is 90-100 mpg.

“Vespa is one of the most recognized scooters in the world,” Ricci said. “As we see trends continue to evolve in vehicle ownership and personal mobility, I’ve been contemplating opening a Vespa store in Detroit. Rachel has given us the perfect venue to ‘test-drive’ the concept.”

The pop-up dealer will remain on display through April 15, 2019.