Victorian mansion on sale in Brush Park

Posted at 5:58 PM, Apr 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-06 20:06:49-04

A Victorian mansion that is now an apartment building is on sale in Brush Park. Matt O'Laughlin, a real estate broker, said, "There is a lot of buzz in the neighborhood.

The building used to be a dilapidated mansion, until it was renovated. It was built in 1885 and is now called "The Edmund."

It's hard to believe - but the building was standing with no roof or floors for years.

"Completely collapsed, the roof had caved in."

The property is on sale for $3.3 million and has 9 apartments in total. All the units are currently occupied.

"The sale also includes a parking lot next door. And two build-able parcels," O'Laughlin said. "The next buyer will probably lease these for the next couple of years, until the hockey arena opens. Sell the condos and develop the land next door."

The property sits near boarded up homes and vacant lots, but not for long. There are plans to breathe new life here in Brush Park.

"It only makes sense for developers to come in and develop this area. So, Dan Gilbert has the lot across the street or a couple of blocks that will be turned into a $90 million development and they are in process of building another 200 residential units up the street."

He continued, "You got three stadiums at your fingertips. You have 150 bars and restaurants in the central business district. You can walk to Whole Foods. You can walk to a Starbucks. So, it is really becoming a walkable neighborhood."

And, whichever window you look out from - you will take in all the sights Detroit has to offer.

"The views, you're looking downtown. You got the whole city skyline. You got the baseball stadium lit up at night for the whole games. Really, really awesome views."