VOTE NOW: Should Royal Oak crack down on loud cars by issuing tickets?

Posted at 5:53 AM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 06:09:02-04

The city of Royal Oak is cracking down on loud drivers by issuing tickets to drivers, and cruisers are working to fight the tickets.

The tickets are between 100 and 280 dollars.

Royal Oak passed an ordinance last year stating any car noise at all from 50 feet away is a violation.

The cars that seem to be in question are muscle cars and tuners.

Attorney Barton Morris says that is unlawful and he plans to put the brakes on it, once and for all. 

“The state specifically says that the city can not enforce an ordinance that is anything but identical to what the state stature says.” Morris explains. “The state statute is very specific, and says on a road that exceeds 35 miles an hour, the decibel level has to be 83 at 50 feet away before it becomes a violation.”

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