Vote on new name for Detroit Public Schools

Posted at 5:23 AM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-15 05:46:45-04

Detroit Public Schools Community District, the new legal name for DPS, is looking to start fresh.

Just a few weeks from the first day of school, and the district is asking students and families to help them choose another new name.

The school system became the Detroit Public Schools Community District in July when the legislature passed a bill to help the district pay off debt.

The district is now holding a naming campaign.

This all comes after years and years of negative attention that begins with a massive debt. The district owes more than half a billion dollars.

We showed you school houses that were not up to code, students without teachers and classrooms without enough desks, books and supplies. All of it catching national attention.

Then this past spring, a dozen DPS leaders were arrested and charged for bribery, scamming the district out of millions while making a school supply vendor rich.

Transition Manager Steven Rhodes says he is eager for the district to move forward, to hand the district back to the people and that begins with a new name.

There are nine options to vote on, they include: Detroit Community District, Detroit Public Schools of Excellence, and Detroit Public Schools.

Voting begins today and lasts all week through Sunday, August 21 at midnight.

Click here to cast your vote.