Westland deals with series of personnel troubles following two incidents in recent months

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jun 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-15 18:41:14-04

A city firefighter - caught on tape - igniting a bar room brawl. While his bosses and other city officials look on. The city's parks and rec director resigned after an arrest for domestic violence.

The small city of Westland, has had to deal with these personnel troubles over the past few months.

Now, the 7 Investigators have exclusive new video, details, and how the city has responded to both incidents.

The first occurred on Super Bowl Sunday at what was then known as JR's Bar and Grill. The Westland pub now has a new name.

We're told a group of city officials - including members of the Wayne Westland Fire Association - are attending a packed Super Bowl party inside.

According to police reports obtained by 7, a patron complains the officials are loud and disruptive. A dispute ensues.

Then, one of the firefighters, charges through the crowd - reportedly grabbing the patron by the neck and choking him. Others having to pull the firefighter off the man, who officers say did not retaliate.

The fire Chief himself witnessed the scuffle.

He tells 7 Action News, the firefighter, who is still employed, was quickly suspended and the chief has used the incident as a teachable moment about how public servants are not supposed to act.

Meanwhile, Westland city hall also had to deal this past month with another city employee in trouble with the law- now former parks and rec director John Adams.

The 7 Investigators breaking the story last month and obtaining police reports that show Adams, who was not only leading Westland's parks department at the time, but was also acting as Inkster's fire chief, was accused of forcefully grabbing his wife during a dispute.

This, just a month after she told officers he threw her to the floo,r smashing her face against the ground and choking her.

She also claims 2 years prior, he, "beat me up pretty bad."

According to written reports, Canton police say when they arrived at his home last month, Adams was noticeably drunk, with a bottle of vodka on the counter.

Remember, he was leading two major city departments at the time, including one that operates heavy equipment and emergency vehicles.

When arrested for domestic violence that day, Adams was given a breath test and blew a .08, which is legally drunk.

The 7 Investigators also uncovered Adams' driving record, which shows a drunk driving arrest in 2006.

When confronted by 7 Action News shortly after his arrest, Adams said of the charges: "People are innocent until proven guilty."

Ironically, Adams' contract with Inkster expired days after his arrest.

Inkster has yet to find a new fire chief, according to the city manager.

Westland didn't fire him, but he resigned earlier this month under pressure.

That firefighter involved in the fight, was never criminally charged.