Women say they were scammed while trying to sell furniture

Posted: 5:31 PM, Jul 14, 2016
Updated: 2016-07-14 17:31:43-04

Two women say an agent they used to sell furniture through an estate sale actually took the furniture, worth thousands of dollars, and has been giving them the runaround ever since.

Both women are in their 70s and moved out of their homes in Commerce Township to downsize into a condo. Originally strangers, they are now on a crusade to get their money back from a woman they say is taking advantage of the elderly.

Beth Arens says she hired Susan Hass with Artful Estate Sales to sell their furniture and pricey paintings. She said it was worth up to $50,000.

She said the signed a contract, handed over the items, but has yet to see the money.

"She stopped all communication with me at the end of December," Arens said. "I've texted, emailed, there's no response."

7 Action News was able to get Hass on the phone, and she said she is working to sell all of the items and dealing with a sick mother, which is why she has been out of touch. She said she would give the owed money and receipts in a few days. That did not happen.

7 Action News reporter Jennifer Bisram kept calling, texting and visiting until finally, one of the women received a check for some of the money this week. Beth is still waiting.

On Thursday, Bisram called again, and Hass said Beth can pick everything up this week.