Justin Verlander look-alike steals the show in Arizona

Justin Verlander look-alike steals the show in Arizona
Posted at 5:22 PM, May 11, 2017

PHOENIX (AP) -- A fan dressed like Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander became an overnight sensation following Wednesday's game.

FOX Sports Detroit cameras caught Chris Azinger, a Tigers fan living in Arizona, sporting the same facial hair, gray uniform, and road cap as the real-life Verlander in the second inning.



"(It's happened) many times," Azinger told FOX Sports Detroit during an in-game interview. "When I used to go to games back home in Detroit, I had people around me asking why I was sitting in the stands and not in the bullpen or something."

Azinger added the popularity of being Verlander's doppelganger has extended past Comerica Park.

"Last time the Tigers were out here, same thing. I was down here, people were taking pictures and asking for autographs."

While Azinger has taken a photo with Verlander in the background, he still has yet to actually meet the Tigers pitcher.