Detroit school introduces Andre Drummond as Special Olympics Global Ambassador

Posted at 5:57 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 18:09:44-04

Fisher Magnet Upper Academy in Detroit celebrated with Pistons center Andre Drummond Thursday, as he became the newest Special Olympics Global Ambassador.

It's a title Drummond wears with pride. "For me being a public figure, it’s my job to really let these kids know that no matter what anybody says we all can do special things in our own way," says Drummond.

The Pistons leader has been working with Special Olympics since his first year in the NBA. He says it's important to make everyone feel included.

"As a kid, I used to be made fun of. It took me a little longer to catch up to my friends on the learning curve and things like that and I found my safe haven in sports," says Drummond.

Fisher Magnet Upper Academy is part of the Special Olympics Play Unified Program. As Specialized Services educator LaRhonda McCamm explains, the Play Unified Program brings kid of all ability levels together.

"So often we hear about what kids can’t do if they have specialized services, but Special Olympics acts as an opportunity for them to express themselves athletically and show what their abilities are," says McCann.

"Bringing them all together kind of makes them feel like they’re on big family," says Drummond.