Lions considering uniform changes, throwbacks

Posted at 3:06 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 16:05:59-05

The Lions may be changing their uniforms again, as soon as 2017.

Team President Rod Wood spent an hour with the 'Ryan and Rico Show' on Detroit Sports 105.1 on Thursday morning, discussing various topics, including the team's jerseys.

“I do want to look at our entire uniform color scheme and look," he said. "That’s something that’s also on the table, maybe for an update of the regular uniform for 2017."

The Lions changed their logo after the 2008 season, and Wood said he would look at everything, but the logo would take "a lot of lead time" to alter.

Fans longing to see the throwback uniform return to the fold will be encouraged. It may return in 2017.

"One of the interesting things about the league is, uniforms are very tightly policed. To make any change: going back to the throwback or even changing throwbacks to a different version than the one we have used in the past, almost gives a full season notice to the NFL to do that. So we’re in discussions right now about maybe bringing something back in the 2017 season. It would not be in the 2016 season."

As for an alternate set of jerseys and pants, Wood confirmed reports of the color rush jerseys becoming a standard for all 32 NFL teams this upcoming season.

"We probably will be announcing, along with the rest of the league, a uniform that’s a third version of a uniform that will be used either in a Thursday night game or Thanksgiving," he explained.

The Lions were asked to join the color rush program in 2015, but declined, WXYZ learned.

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