Friendship through rivalry: Kampe honors Reggie

Posted at 2:06 AM, Jan 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-15 02:06:50-05

Oakland and Detroit Mercy have become big Horizon League rivals, with the latest chapter set to unfold on Saturday.

As the Metro Series continues to take off, we can't help but feel someone missing this week.

Reggie Hall, our longtime producer who died in December, loved the lead-up to this game. And it was partly to do with his relationship with the Golden Grizzlies face for three decades, head coach Greg Kampe.

"Whenever I walked into the arena, I'd hear the big man yelling, 'Hey Kampe! We're gonna beat you!" Kampe said.

The two became close friends, in an eye-to-eye bond that was created as their teams faced off. Ahead of Saturday, Kampe told us how he plans to remember his pal before tip-off.

"I'm gonna go sit in his seat for a few minutes before the doors open," Kampe said. "I'm gonna go pay my respects." 

Kampe and Reggie always received playful grief from their respective fanbases for having such a strong friendship, but it never bothered either of them.

If anything, Oakland's coach said they only used that to fuel more trash talk.

"I'm gonna miss that. I'm gonna think about it when I walk in that arena. My thoughts will be on Reggie," he said.