Local high school golfer up for national award

Posted at 5:21 PM, May 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-15 19:11:29-04

The rules to golf are relatively simple. There's par, the score we all strive for, but for most of us, doesn't come easily.

On the course, 16-year-old Northville High junior Abhinav Alluri is typically going low, but his individual talents aren't his main focus.

"When we think of golf we usually think of it as an individual sport but when I play with my teammates it really helps me communicate with others and it's good experience," Alluri said.

"It very much is a team game and I think Abhi certainly contributes to that with his ability, he's a guy that will go out and consistently shoot par for us, and that's a nice card to play," Northville golf coach Chris Cronin added.

But as golfers know sometimes the sport can be cruel, and so can life. A freak knee injury to Abhi's brother three years ago prompted a new perspective.  And ever since His parents took him to a children's hospital for a visit, Abhi's outlook on life is like his game, easy to envy.

"When my brother broke his knee it was a big step, a big change in his life but we need to understand that there's people out there that are out there in a lot worse situations for no fault of their own," Alluri added.

"My dad pitched the idea that we start our own fundraiser and we picked Childrens Miracle Network for this, and then we wanted to incorporate golf into this because that's what our childhood revolved around so we basically decided to do a golf-a-thon and since then we've done three, raising about $18,000," Alluri added.

"He's really a student whose aware of the world, he's a complete student, a true renaissance man, both an athlete, a scholar and someone who Card about others," Cronin added.

Alluri will find out if he wins the America Junior Golf Association Leadership Award, next week.