Reggie Hall, longtime WXYZ Sports Producer, dies at 58

Posted at 9:48 AM, Dec 09, 2015
and last updated 2017-12-12 04:58:05-05

WXYZ and the sports community lost a legend and a truly great friend today.

Reggie Hall, a longtime sports producer at WXYZ Detroit, passed away this morning. He was 58.

Reggie's booming laugh and constant outpouring of love for everyone around him made him a friend to so many inside and outside of Channel 7.

Reggie was involved in a car accident over the weekend, and was in critical condition at Detroit Receiving Hospital when he died.

For the last 26 years at WXYZ, any time you saw someone talking about sports, Reggie Hall had worked tirelessly to make it all come together.

Hall has been the right-hand man to Don Shane, Dave LewAllen, Fred Heumann, Jay Berry, Tom Leyden, Vic Faust, David Solano, Brad Galli, Justin Rose, Kacie Hollins, and every other person who has stepped into the sports office the last three decades.

He was a workaholic, and brought an unwavering passion to the sports office at Broadcast House every day. He covered Stanley Cup championships, World Series, Super Bowls, NCAA Final Four titles, and NBA Finals, among many other grand events. He has spearheaded the first steps in many journalists' careers, running the internship program in the Channel 7 (WXYZ) Sports department for over two decades.

Hall wore his other big passion on his sleeve. Reggie was affectionately known as "Titan Reggie," because of his devotion for his beloved Detroit Titans athletic teams.

In 2013, Reggie was honored when he received the prestigious John Conti Letterman of Distinction Award from the UDM Athletic Department.

Hall lettered three years in baseball at UDM for Head Coach Bob Miller from 1975-1979. He majored in Communication Studies and was able to be a student and fan of the Dick Vitale and Smokey Gaines coaching days as basketball went to two NCAA Tournaments and one NIT during his time.

He was a regular member of the Titans basketball team's infamous "Detroit Road Scholars" supporters, and created strong friendships on road trips with people at different universities across the country.

Since his accident, the outpouring of support has been tremendous. Local media members, national reporters and producers, and fellow Detroit Titans supporters led the list of well-wishers and visitors at the hospital.

Another thing that made Reggie so special: he made friends everywhere. And so today, everyone at WXYZ joins a much larger group of people, reaching far and wide, and we all remember our friend, Reggie Hall.

Be good, Reggie. We love you.