Verlander unveils latest gift to local veterans

Posted at 6:07 PM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-21 18:07:27-05

Tigers Pitcher Justin Verlander contributes strikeouts and wins to his team on a regular basis, but today he made a contribution that was priceless. His donation to the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System in Ann Arbor helped renovate one the units there.

Tim Fluary is one of hundreds of veterans who will benefit from the renovations done to the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation unit.


"I started here in November 2014, spent a month here and learned how to walk on my prosthetic leg," said Fluary.


The renovations — including the new "Fastball lounge" — were funded by donations from the Tigers Foundation and Verlander himself.


“What really got me started was, when I started playing for the Tigers they started doing something where they would have come and deliver the game ball. I would try to make it a point to go say hi or shake his or hers hand if i could. I wanted to get involved and I thought this was a perfect opportunity," said Verlander.


Fluary had a hard time expressing just how much verlander’s appreciation for veterans means to him.

"It kinda gives me a tear in my eye. It’s awesome to have him do that. Some of us older vets didn’t get this kind of thank you when we returned home" said Fluary.


But Fluary had no problem expressing the fact that he believes the Tigers are World Series bound.