USPBL provides field of dreams

Posted at 3:47 PM, Jul 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-23 18:42:36-04
Kids from the Beaumont Children's Hospital and Miracle Network got a fun opportunity to work with some active players and continue to prove that a stadium can be used for much more than just games. 
"In addition to everything else this ballpark represents and our brand new league, you have such a wonderful opportunity to impact lives, all these wonderful children that don't often get a chance to run the bases and hit with our players, it's just a magnificent experience today," USPBL Commissioner Andy Appleby.
This is not just a unique experience for the children athletes but the newly-minted professional ones. For most of these players this is the first time they've been called pros, and to give back in this respect, it's certainly meaningful. 
"It's a blast, you see how much fun they're having, their smiles, they brighten up your day and it's just awesome, I love doing this type of stuff," second baseman DJ Gee said. 
"It gives you a real perspective of what baseball can do and how baseball can bring people together. For us, the more you play it kind of gets lost, the child's love of the game but seeing this, it puts everything in perspective and you just realize it makes you want to play for the kid in you again," pitcher Hawtin Buchanan added. 
"I'm definitely humbled, it's a blessing just to be out here and see these guys have fun. They come from different stories and they're out here enjoying life, makes me appreciate mine," catcher Ray Ortega said.