Community Comment: Viewers sound-off on Michigan non-partisanship agenda & auto show

Posted at 7:42 PM, Jan 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-17 19:42:09-05

WXYZ DETROIT — Our station editorial about Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s non-partisan Michigan agenda prompted these Community Comments. Carl Varcie wrote:

“I, for one, do not welcome the state’s new gun grabber-in-chief.”

To reach Pete Bolos replied:

“She cannot be any worse than Snyder. Good luck cleaning up (his) mess.”

Brian Gilbert said:

“She better not mess with the gas tax, or if she does, just lower it.”

Leslie Les’ two-word reaction to the new Governor’s comments:

“Good job!”

Thomas Wilson remarked:

“As the adage says, ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’”

Mary Hall-Rayford commented:

“I am glad to see that Governor Snyder cared enough about Michigan taxpayers to veto a number of 'power play' bills submitted by lawmakers to limit the authority of incoming leadership.”

Our editorial on this year’s North American International Auto Show triggered Samantha Scott to ask:

“Why do we glorify the auto show? They continue to make overpriced cars with ridiculous costs to insure them.”

Gino Lalli said:

“Can’t wait for the June show.”

But not everyone is happy with the upcoming summer show. Ed Chaczyk wrote:

“Making it a summer circus event is not going to bring more people. It will bring more problems.”

Obviously, there are a lot of strong opinions in the big city. Support the show! That’s it for now. Thanks for watching and writing.

I’m Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director
Broadcast: January 17 - 20, 2019