We're Open Detroit: Local company inspiring nurses to help nurses

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Posted at 5:26 PM, Apr 16, 2020
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(WXYZ) — “Nurses Inspire Nurses” is a local company reaching out nationally to support some the hardest working heroes on the front lines against the coronavirus.

The organization sells merchandise with their name on it. During the COVID-19 pandemic, sales have increased and now the founder, Cat Golden, is keeping a printing company in Detroit busy.

“I’ve been a pediatric nurse for almost eight years,” Golden said.

She knows the struggles nurses face. With the coronavirus pandemic, that stress level has increased immensely.

“So hard staying up all night, working long shifts, going into these environments,” Golden said.

That’s why she founded “Nurses Inspire Nurses.” It’s a national company based in Plymouth that hosts supportive meet-ups for nurses dealing with burnout.

“We have real emotions, we get scared, we have feelings too,” she said.

They also sell merchandise that says “Nurses Inspire Nurses.” We’re talking about things from lunch bags, T-shirts, sweatshirts, badge reels to hold your badge, and even tumblers.

They’ve been selling out as more and more people show their support to these essential workers.

Golden turned to SMPLFD, a printing company in Detroit to take on a 50,000 item request.

“So happy that they are able to stay open right now and support us,” she said.

Golden says selling more merchandise and putting the printing company to work can help the local economy and the company’s mission, which then helps just one of the frontline workers of this pandemic.

“Nurses are really coming together, looking for support, looking for inspiration," Golden said. "So I’m just happy I can offer that.”

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