Harrison Township family fed up with speed-related crashes on their property

Posted at 10:54 PM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-20 22:57:57-04

The Shuk household has had a rough few years.

First, it was someone speeding who lost control and took out their fence about five years ago.

Then, it was a fire hydrant that was ran over on their Long Street property at the intersection of Coleridge Street in Harrison Township.

The last run-in was in April. An allegedly intoxicated driver barreled into their home and damaged their walls, foundation and gas line, right by where the Shuk’s were sleeping.

“I think if he would’ve hit the corner, I would have been mangled up,” said Stephen Shuk.

Shuk says the speeding has been a problem since they moved into the home in 2010. During the months-long rebuild, Shuk put up a sign on the boarded-up side wall urging drivers to slow down.

He says Macomb County deputies have increased patrol, and for a time, a sign with radar was put up that reads what speed limit drivers are going. However, it hasn’t been enough to curtail the problem.

“Because this is a dirt road, they think they are out in the country somewhere," Shuk said. "They think they can just (blast) their way down the street,” said Shuk.

They say they hope the county will up patrols and provide more speed limit signs.