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Families of 2 missing teen girls make plea to public to help find them

Posted at 7:45 PM, Nov 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-25 19:51:51-05

TAYLOR (WXYZ)  — "We have gotten no tips whatsoever on our daughter," said Tina Alvarado as she held her husband's hand at a press conference outside the Taylor Police Department Wednesday.

The last time Tina saw their 15-year-old daughter, Gloria, was when the teen went to bed the night of Nov. 1, 2020.

When Tina went to wake her daughter up the next morning, Gloria was gone.

"The window was wide open and the screen was cut," Tina told 7 Action News.

Taylor Police Detective Andrew Snavely has been working on the case of the missing teen with the assistance of Homeland Security Investigations, executing search warrants at multiple locations, talking to family and friends, and examining social media.

"And every avenue and lead that has come in, to date, has ended up in a dead end," said Sgt. Frank Canning who is urging anyone with information to call their department or 911.

Tina and Ramon Alvarado said their daughter is a homebody and a straight-A student who has never even spent the night at a friend's house.

"If she's in danger, please, whoever has her... if she's with somebody, let her go," Tina said.

"My heart just dropped," said Ramon Alvarado about the moment he got a phone call at work from family, alerting him that his daughter was missing. "I just jumped up and ran out. I didn't tell nobody anything. I just ran straight out the door."

Gloria's phone was found on her bed along with a couple items that had been on the ledge of the window that was open.

Taylor Police do not believe Gloria's case is connected to another teenage girl from Taylor who was reported missing months ago.

Fourteen-year-old Marissa Peters has run away from home several times before, but her family fears she's become a victim in human trafficking.

Mary Beth Peters said her daughter ran away in February and was found at a motel. She said the last time Marissa ran away was in May.

A month later, Marissa reportedly contacted her older sister through a video chat and said she wanted her to come alone to get her, but she never told her where to pick her up.

Mary Beth shared a screenshot of Marissa from that video chat that shows the 14-year-old wearing a fishnet top. It appears Marissa is sitting in a vehicle.

According to Mary Beth, during that same video chat, Marissa's sister saw a red couch in the background.

"Marissa if you're listening or watching, please come home," said her mom as she spoke to news cameras Wednesday at the same press conference where Gloria's parents were pleading for information on her case. "You cannot be out here on these streets alone."

Taylor Police released a short video taken from a camera on a house across the street from where the Alvarados live.

The motion of a dark-colored vehicle activates the camera and you see the vehicle come to a stop in front of the family's home and someone gets out of the back seat.

There is no video of any other activity because the camera only recorded for 14 seconds and then stopped.

"I pray to God that she's okay and safe, but I feel that she's in danger," said Tina Alvarado. "Why are these children coming missing like this? Our daughter vanished just out of thin air and nobody knows anything."

If you have any information on the whereabouts of 15-year-old Gloria Alvarado or 14-year-old Marissa Peters, you're urged to contact the nearest police department, Taylor Police, or call 911.