NEW DETAILS: Woman told friend, 'I don't want it' before throwing newborn in trash

Posted at 7:20 PM, Sep 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-22 19:25:04-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Jennifer Woodard told a friend, "I don't want it" after she allegedly threw her newborn baby girl in the trash, according to documents obtained by 7 Action News that detail the newborn's heartbreaking entry into the world on Sept. 10.

The friend could see that they needed to go to the hospital because Woodard was also bleeding heavily after giving birth in a toilet in the basement of the friend's home on Detroit's west side.

"I can't go. I have warrants," Woodard reportedly said to the friend who ended up taking the newborn to Sinai Grace Hospital by himself when Woodard told him that he couldn't make her go.

But, even several months before giving birth, Woodard allegedly told an acquaintance that she didn't care about the baby and she just wanted to get high.

One of Woodard's relatives told 7 Action News last week that the Milford woman has been addicted to hard drugs since she was 16.

Woodard, who is now 23, recently appeared in a YouTube video, detailing her addiction to heroin and crack cocaine.

And, according to court records, it appears Woodard's baby was near death when the friend arrived at the hospital and handed the newborn to a stranger who thought the man was just parking his truck and would be right back.

When he didn't return, the stranger who was holding the baby went to a hospital worker to tell them what had just happened.

The newborn was taken to the emergency room where a nurse detected she was in "respiratory distress and was extremely cold to the touch."

The nurse indicated that the umbilical cord was "torn off or not cut or clamped properly" and the infant was "very pale" after losing a lot of blood.

According to court records, the baby's temperature was so low, the medical staff was unable to get a reading.

Initially, officers were concerned for the mother's health and safety because her condition was unknown. Investigators didn't know if the mother was alive or if the baby had been stolen from her mother.

Officers were able to track down Jennifer Woodard three days later, hiding in some bushes.

Medics were called because Woodard was complaining of vaginal bleeding.

She was taken to Sinai Grace, the same hospital where her baby was fighting for her life.

Woodard appeared in court via video Tuesday for a probably cause hearing.

A date for her preliminary examination had been set for later this month, but, in court today, the judge told Woodard that her next court date would be in February 2021.

A spokesperson for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said it appears the delay is because the courts are backed up.

At last check, Jennifer Woodard was still locked up in the Wayne County Jail.

She can be released if someone posts $5,000, which is 10% of her $50,000 bond.

It's unclear if the delay of her preliminary examination will result in her being lowered or if she'll be released on a personal bond pending the outcome of her criminal case.