Community Comment: Channel 7 viewers sound off on safe voting options

Posted at 7:30 PM, Oct 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-08 19:30:56-04

WXYZ DETROIT — Our Channel 7 Editorial urging Michiganders to explore all options available for voting this year prompted a heated debate.

Laura Miller Hall wrote:

Step 1. Go to local polling place. Step 2. Vote. Step 3. Wear Trump gear.

Sondra Fern responded:

Request ballot. Fill it out at home at your leisure. Put two stamps on it and mail it. It’s a win for us and helps the U.S. Post Office. Welcome to the 21st Century!”

Janice Cameron said:

“Go vote in person! Carry on.”

Petru Vasile Chichioaca urged:

“Vote red all the way.”

James Wethers rebutted:

“Sorry, it will be blue all the way.”

Heather McDonald said:

“I see people here in metropolitan Detroit out and about all the time. No reason they can’t go to the polls and vote.”

Sharon Laurila Smith replied:

“Not everyone is out and about. For those who want to go to the polls, fine.”

Rick Foltman:

“Get out and vote! If you can shop, you can drop the ballot in the box.”

Maria Burch:

The Democrats have created this mess.”

Aubrey Chandler:

“Stop blaming others for your bad behavior.”

Richard Florka:

“Capitalism vs. Socialism.”

Rick Bender:

“Why is it that Republicans all scream about freedom of choice? But when someone wants to exercise their freedom to choose how they are going to vote, Republicans don’t want them to have that freedom?”

Mike Rasch:

“Democrats and media pundits think they can use this virus to defeat Trump in November. It’s up to us to prove them wrong!”

Kevin Hill:

“There are no red states or blue states in the constitution. Only the United States. America, wake up and vote.”
November 3rd can’t get here soon enough! Thanks for writing and watching!

I'm Chuck Stokes, Editotrial Director
Broadcast: October 8 - 11, 2020