Editorial: Mayor Mike Duggan; TV-7's Newsmaker

Posted at 7:25 PM, Feb 11, 2016

When Mike Duggan was elected mayor in 2013, he took over Detroit under historic conditions.  The city was $18 billion in debt and an emergency manager was in place.  Getting the Motor City on stable financial ground was a Herculean task. 2015 was Duggan's first full year calling all of the shots. And in our opinion, it was a good year…a Newsmaker year!

 Mayor Duggan's aggressive, positive and hands-on leadership is clearly evident.   He got the buses to run on time.  He threw his support behind Detroit Police Chief James Craig.   And he negotiated new contracts for transit workers and police officers. 

 Duggan's administration made it easier for residents to purchase and fix-up their homes.  With controversy, they demolished hundreds of abandoned structures while supporting neighborhood revitalization and entrepreneurship.  They are worked hand-in-hand with the business community to attract more economic development and new jobs to Detroit. 

We are especially pleased with the professional working relationship the Mayor has established with the Detroit City Council and Lansing state government. 

 Like any big city chief executive, Duggan has had his challenges.  But on balance, we believe he has had a major impact on moving Detroit forward in 2015.  And for that reason, we have selected him as our annual WXYZ Newsmaker of the Year. 

Join Chuck Stokes Sunday morning (later this morning) on Spotlight on the News as he interviews the city's 75th mayor. 

"Everything we are doing is laying the groundwork for the next generation."  - Mayor Mike Duggan

 Well said, Mr. Mayor, and congratulations on being selected the 2015 Newsmaker of the Year!

 I'm Mike Murri, Vice President & General Manager