WXYZ Editorial: Now is the time for summer voter engagement

Posted at 7:38 PM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-17 19:38:14-04

The 2017 Michigan Primary summer election is now history.  Candidates, ballot issue advocates and elected leaders are in their districts meeting and listening to voters.  It’s the perfect time to get informed.

The field of political candidates has been narrowed and is set for the important November General Election.   Now is the time to familiarize yourself with those seeking office in your particular city or township?  What referendums and millage proposals might be on your ballot?  Seek out knowledgeable people and bi-partisan organizations that can answer your questions. 

August is also a great time to visit your local, state and federal elected representatives while they are home for their summer recess period.  Many of them will be holding office hour sessions and public town hall meetings.  Most are eager for feedback about the issues that impact your life, family, job and community.  Telling them what’s on your mind better prepares them for critical and, often times, controversial votes they will have to cast on your behalf.   It also helps them stand up to overly partisan politics.  Leaders are usually most effective when they know you care and are watching them closely.  Good government hinges on active citizens. 

Before the busy school year begins again, we encourage you to take time to explore a couple important voter information websites we have posted to  Researching them will better prepare you for the November 7th election.  And remember, to be an eligible voter, you must register with the Secretary of State’s office at least 30 days in advance.,4670,7-127-1633---,00.html

From Washington, to Lansing, to Detroit, the issues facing today’s voters have never been more important.  Enjoy your summer but take action now to make sure your voice counts in the fall!   

I’m Mike Murri, Vice President & General Manager

Broadcast: August 17 - 20, 2017