Family who lost cousin to kidnapping faces new stranger danger Downriver

Posted at 9:49 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 12:33:01-04

A family is warning people about a stranger danger in Taylor. It hits close to home for them, after their loved one was kidnapped and murdered four years ago. 

Fourteen-year-old Kaylee Bieske was with her two brothers Tuesday morning at Boardman Park in Taylor. 

That's when a mystery driver stopped around 11:45 am, looking for her attention.

Bieske claims the guy told her to get inside the car and kept motioning to her to come over. She was able to run away without the man grabbing her.

"All of a sudden, this dude he came up and asked Becker and me to come over," Bieske said. "I ran because he was telling me 'come in the car with me', so I just ran."

For her family, it brings back horrible memories.

Four years ago this month, their cousin Brenna Machus, was kidnapped from the Family Dollar Store in Dearborn. Her body was found two days later near the Southfield Freeway.

Now, Samantha Finnerty is flooded with these thoughts once again as she comforts her nervous daughter.

"We have stressed scream, yell, run away from strangers," Finnerty said. "Don't talk to them if you don't know them. Run. Do something. Go to somebody's house. Bang on a door."

They describe the suspect as a black man, driving a newer model dark blue Monte Carlo, with blue and black rims.

"I couldn't imagine the fear she went through. I couldn't even imagine what she was thinking when this guy was trying to get her into the car," Finnerty said. "I'm sure she was just in fear, she was scared. I could hear it in her voice. I'm just glad she is OK, and so are her brothers. I'm just glad nothing happened to none of them."

If you know anything about this case, call Taylor Police immediately.