Teller at Canton bank spotted 101-year-old missing Westland woman

Off-duty teller says woman was a regular at the bank
Posted at 6:18 PM, Sep 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-08 18:29:39-04

CANTON (WXYZ) — It was a teller at a Huntington Bank in Canton who spotted 101-year-old Mae Baker Tuesday afternoon on his day off.

We're told the man was doing some personal banking at the same location where he works when he spotted Baker who had been reported missing by her family Monday.

"He said he was at the counter. He looked over and she's at the teller next to him," said Donti Hamilton, Mae's grandson, who rushed to the bank when he heard she'd been found.

It was an agonizing 26 hours for Baker's loved ones when she left her home in Westland early Monday afternoon in her blue 2010 Ford Fusion and didn't return.

Baker said she was headed to get some ice cream and visit a friend who lives in Inkster.

"He said he didn't see her," said Phyllis Williams, Baker's daughter. "He said she never made it there."

Baker's family knew something was wrong when hours passed and they hadn't heard from her and her phone was dead. Her grandchildren began searching for her Monday evening and into the night, following up on tips they received via Facebook. And Williams began to fear that her mother may have been the victim of foul play because the longest she's been lost before was only about an hour.

Willaims said her mother developed dementia about two years ago and they were so concerned that they got rid of her vehicle. But Baker, who has always been independent, wanted to go places.

And, last month, Baker got herself that blue Ford Fusion.

"We didn't know she was getting it," Williams said.

"They battle all the time because she didn't want her to have a car," said Hamilton, Baker's grandson. "We see who won that argument."

Loved ones had hoped that Baker's doctor would help revoke the great-great grandmother's driver's license. But he didn't, Williams said. Thankfully, when the bank employee spotted Baker, who we're told is a regular customer, he knew that she had been reported missing.

Canton police said Baker appears to be just fine but she was taken by EMS to be evaluated further at a nearby hospital.

The State of Michigan can reexamine a driver when there is reason to believe they're unable to safely operate a motor vehicle.

"The Department of State may conduct a reexamination of a person if there is reason to believe that the person is incompetent to drive a motor vehicle or is afflicted with a mental or physical infirmity or disability rendering it unsafe for that person to drive a motor vehicle," according to Michigan Vehicle Code.

If you believe an evaluation is necessary, you can fill out a Request for Driver Evaluation form here.

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