Woman shot in Detroit seeks help inside Project Green Light gas station

Posted at 5:37 PM, Jul 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-03 17:37:10-04

A 23-year-old woman, suffering from a gunshot wound to the back, seeks refuge inside a Valero gas station that recently joined the city's safety initiative - Project Green Light.

The woman was allegedly shot by her ex-boyfriend as she sat in her car with a friend on the 8000 block of Ashton around 1 a.m. Monday.

One of the victim's close friends says the woman came to her home Sunday in an effort to get away from her ex-boyfriend who had reportedly been stalking and terrorizing her.

But we're told the 28-year-old man caught up to her as she sat in her car and opened fire, striking her car multiple times.

The woman was shot in the back, but able to drive off with her male companion still in the car with her.

She managed to drive to the gas station, located on Grand River next to the Southfield freeway, get out of her car and stumble inside where a clerk called 911. Once inside the gas station, the woman's friend immediately began to render aid as they waited for Detroit Police and EMS to arrive.

Jamal Beydoun manages the gas station and says the woman told the clerk that she stopped because she saw the green light and needed help.

Project Green Light is a safety initiative that Detroit Police Chief James Craig encourages gas station owners to be a part of as it allows officers to monitor high definition surveillance cameras in real time to quickly assess situations and identify victims and potential suspects.

Thankfully, we understand the shooting victim is out of the hospital.

When it comes to the shooting suspect, Detroit Police say they know who they're looking for.